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Welcome to the MIST Lab!

Here are some important information for newcomers and old timers alike:


The communication platform of the lab is Mattermost. You can login using your MISTLab GitLab credentials.


Every Monday before 12:00 you should send a report on what you have done the week before, and what you plan to do during the week. This should be sent to the Reports channel on Mattermost.

Please follow the template that all the other students are using (you can copy it from the Reports channel or follow the instructions here).

Lab meeting

Lab meetings happen weekly at a time and day that change every semester. Please follow ~Lab meeting for the current date and time. Ideally, one student will present his or her research in rotation. You should attend and provide feedback and questions. Mattermost will send a reminder on ~Town Square.

The schedule of presentations to the lab meetings are available at Schedule

Zoom Link:

Meeting with Professor Beltrame

Individuals can use the following Calendly link to book one-on-one meetings with Professor Beltrame.

Access Card

Refer to the following link to obtain the ID/Access Card:

An email needs to be sent to with your student/employee number (cc Professor Beltrame) for the access to room M4210 and M4212 (two doors of the main lab).

Journal Club

Every week we read and discuss a paper together. Take a look at the schedule to see the paper of the week.


Each lab member should write an intro page for him/herself for the lab's website, and provide a picture. We use the same language used for this Wiki (Markdown), so it shouldn't be too difficult. Additional details on how to contribute can be found here.

Lab Inventory

There's plenty of equipment in the lab. Make sure you keep track of everything that you use!


Each new equipment in the lab should have a wiki page to help set it up and configure it as we need it.

Robot and Drones